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Discord.js V.14 throws a TypeError when attempting to read properties of null, specifically the 'guild'.

The given code is for a Discord bot that needs to send an embed message to a specific channel and server that it has already joined. However, the code is returning an error in the console: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'guild')." The error occurs on the line where the variable "serverId" is being fetched. There may be a problem with the options specified in that line. Can someone help resolve this issue? Thank you in advance. Note: The solutions provided in articles 1) and 2) do not seem to be applicable to this case. Enclose any code output within
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I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your Discord bot. The error message "TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'guild')" usually occurs when the bot is unable to find the server or channel that it is trying to send the message to. Based on the information you provided, it seems that the variable "serverId" is returning null which is causing the error. You may want to check if the server ID is correct and if the bot has permission to access that server. If you're still having trouble, I would recommend posting your code on a platform like Stack Overflow or GitHub and asking for help from the community. They may be able to provide more specific advice based on your code. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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The error message is telling you that the options parameter is not defined or is null. You are trying to access its guild property in the line const id = this.resolveId(options) ?? this.resolveId(options.guild);, which is causing an error. In your code, the serverId variable is being used as the options parameter for the fetch method. However, serverId is not a valid option for the fetch method. Instead, you should use the id property to get the server object. To fix the error, you can update the line const server = await interaction.client.guilds.fetch(serverId); to const server = interaction.client.guilds.cache.get(serverId);. This will fetch the server object from the cache using the serverId. Similarly, you can update the line const channelId = interaction.options.get('1103660151040397394'); to const channelId =;. This will get the channel ID from the interaction object itself. After these changes, your code should look like this:
const { SlashCommandBuilder } = require('@discordjs/builders');
const { EmbedBuilder, TextInputStyle, ModalBuilder, TextInputBuilder, ActionRowBuilder } = require('discord.js');

module.exports = {
  data: new SlashCommandBuilder()
    .setDescription('Apply for Experemental Programme.'),

  async execute(interaction) {
    const modal = new ModalBuilder()
      .setTitle(`Apply for Experimental Programme`);

    const questionModal = new TextInputBuilder()
      .setLabel('Your Discord Username.')

    const firstActionRow = new ActionRowBuilder().addComponents(questionModal);


    await interaction.showModal(modal);

    const modalResponse = await interaction.awaitModalSubmit({
      filter: (i) =>
        i.customId === 'modal' && ===,
      time: 0,

    const description = modalResponse.fields.getTextInputValue('questionModal');

    // Get the server and channel IDs from the interaction object
    const serverId =;
    const channelId =;

    // Fetch the server and channel objects from the cache
    const server = interaction.client.guilds.cache.get(serverId);
    const channel = server.channels.cache.get(channelId);

    // Send the embed message to the channel
    const embed = new EmbedBuilder()
      .setDescription(`Hello! ${description}`);
    await channel.send({ embeds: [embed] });
With this code, you should be able to send an embed message to the specified channel and server without any errors.