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Fix the issue of unexpected navigation to another page while navigating by implementing a sticky header and tab bar in React Native Navigation.

As a JavaScript developer, I am tasked with addressing a navigation issue with a swipable root navbar. The goal is to make the header and tab bar sticky while navigating to a notification page that exists in every stack. However, the header is not navigating correctly and jumps to a different page before going to the notification screen. I have already added my own component to replace the react navigation headers, which works well. To address the issue, I added the header to the nav router using the code below:

  return (
       <Header stack={getFocusedRouteNameFromRoute(useRoute())} />
My header code looks like this:

return (
      <View style={[styles.column, { justifyContent: 'flex-end' }]}>
          // @ts-expect-error TS(2769): No overload matches this call.
          onPress={() => navigation.navigate('Notification')}
          containerStyle={{ paddingRight: 15 }}
Although I have already added the stack name to the header, I cannot find a manual stack override in React Native Navigation. As such, I am seeking a hacky solution to fix this issue. Any suggestions?

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Verified Answer
Unfortunately, the question doesn't seem to be related to JavaScript or JavaScript libraries. It's more of a React Navigation issue specific to the implementation of the app in question. However, the issue seems to be related to the navigation.navigate('Notification') method in the IconButton component, which is not grabbing the proper stack to navigate in, causing the app to jump to a different page before going to the notification screen. A possible solution would be to make sure the stack name is properly passed to the Header component and used in the navigation.navigate() method to navigate to the notification screen within the correct stack. It's also worth checking the navigation stack and routes to make sure they are properly set up. Without more information or code snippets, it's hard to give a more specific solution.