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How can I determine if a checkbox is unchecked or has a false value during a post action in an MVC Razor page?

While working with an MVC Razor page, I encountered a problem where I am unable to receive information about checkboxes that are not checked or have a value of "false" on the page model using C#. I can only access information about checkboxes that are selected and have a value of "true". Here's the code snippet I'm using:

    <form method="post">
    <button id="FillCheckBox" type="submit" class="col-sm-1 btn btn-primary">Submit</button>
    <input id="StockTake" name="UserAccessViewModel.checks" type="checkbox" asp-for="UserAccess.MODULECODE" value="1">
    <label for="lblStockTake">Stock Take</label>
    <input id="ShelfLabelPrint" name="UserAccessViewModel.checks" type="checkbox" asp-for="UserAccess.MODULECODE" value="2">
    <label for="lblShelfLabel">Shelf Label Print</label>
    <input id="Transfer" name="UserAccessViewModel.checks" type="checkbox" asp-for="UserAccess.MODULECODE" value="3">
    <label for="lblTransfer" style="margin-right:5px;">Transfer</label>
I am also using the following ViewModel:

public class UserAccessViewModel
            public UserAccess userAccess { get; set; }
            public int[] checks { get; set; }
On my Razor page, using ASP.NET, I need to determine which checkboxes are not selected and have a value of "false". Currently, my code only returns the information of the selected checkboxes. I've attached an image for reference.

What I need is a way to obtain a list of checkboxes that are not selected, so that the unchecked checkboxes can also be displayed. For example, if I have five checkboxes and only three are selected, I want to be able to return only the two unchecked checkboxes on a list. Can you help me find a solution?

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Verified Answer
To get a list of unchecked checkboxes in your Razor page, you can compare the list of all possible checkbox values with the list of checked checkbox values. Here is an example of how to implement this in your OnPost method:
public async Task OnPost(UserAccessViewModel UserAccessViewModel)
    // Get a list of all possible checkbox values
    int[] allCheckboxValues = new[] {1, 2, 3}; // Or however many values you have
    // Get a list of checked checkbox values
    int[] checkedCheckboxValues = UserAccessViewModel.checks;

    // Get a list of unchecked checkbox values
    int[] uncheckedCheckboxValues = allCheckboxValues.Except(checkedCheckboxValues).ToArray();

    // Now you can use the 'uncheckedCheckboxValues' variable in whatever way you need
In this example, we start by defining an array allCheckboxValues that includes all of the values that your checkboxes can have. We then get the values of the checked checkboxes from the UserAccessViewModel.checks property, and store them in an array called checkedCheckboxValues. To get the list of unchecked checkboxes, we use the Except() LINQ method to subtract the checkedCheckboxValues from the allCheckboxValues. This will return an array of the values that are in allCheckboxValues but not in checkedCheckboxValues. We store this array in a variable called uncheckedCheckboxValues. Now you can use the uncheckedCheckboxValues array however you need. If you want to display the list of unchecked checkboxes in your view, you could add a property to your UserAccessViewModel called uncheckedChecks and set it equal to uncheckedCheckboxValues. You could then loop through that property in your view to display the unchecked checkboxes.