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"How can I fix the issue of text color not displaying correctly on an Android tablet in React Native?"

When running a new project on a tablet, I encountered an issue where I was unable to alter the colors of certain text. The tablet specifications are as follows:

Android 11
Model: T810 Positivo
The project was built using React Native Version 0.71.7, and the steps I followed to reproduce the problem were:

  1. Initialized the project using the command npx react-native init teste_tablet
  2. Ran the project using npx react-native run-android
  3. Started the server with npm start
  4. Attempted to change the color of the text, but was unsuccessful
Attached are screenshots of the code and the project running on the tablet:

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Verified Answer
It looks like the issue you are facing is related to React Native and not JavaScript itself. However, one thing you can try is to ensure that the text color is being set correctly in your CSS. You can do this by using the color property in your CSS. For example, if you want to change the color of some text to red, you can add the following CSS:
.text {
  color: red;
Make sure that this CSS is being applied correctly to your text element. If this doesn't work, it may be worth checking if there are any issues related to Android 11 or the T810 model you are using. You can try searching for similar issues on forums or submitting a bug report to React Native's GitHub repository.