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How can I omit certain files within the subfolder "themes" in my webpack.config.js?

In my webpack.config.js file, I need to exclude specific files from the "themes" subfolder, such as theme-dark.css and theme-light.css. The tree structure of my project is provided below for reference:

|- js
|- css
|  |- theme-loader.css
|  |- themes
|     |- theme-dark.css
|     |- theme-light.css
|     |- theme-red.css
|     |- ...
My current rule excludes all files that match the pattern /theme-[A-Za-z]+\.css$/i, including theme-loader.css, which is not intended. The rule I've written is as follows:

rules: [
    test: /\.css$/i,
    exclude: /theme-[A-Za-z]+\.css$/i,
    use: ["style-loader", "css-loader"],
I've attempted several variations of the regex pattern to exclude only the files from the "themes" subfolder, but none have been successful. Could someone please assist me in finding the correct regex pattern or approach to achieve the desired result? Thank you in advance!

21 hours ago
Verified Answer
To exclude only the files from the "themes" subfolder in your webpack.config.js file, you can use the following regex pattern:
exclude: /themes[\\/][^/]+\.css$/i,
This pattern will match any .css file that is inside the "themes" subfolder but not in any deeper subfolders. Here's a breakdown of how it works: - themes[\\/]: This matches the literal string "themes" followed by either a forward slash or a backslash. The [\\/] part allows the pattern to work on both Windows and Unix-like systems. - [^/]+: This matches one or more characters that are not a forward slash. This ensures that the pattern doesn't match files in subdirectories of "themes". - \.css$: This matches the file extension ".css" at the end of the file name. By using this pattern, you should be able to exclude files like "theme-dark.css" and "theme-light.css" while still including "theme-loader.css".