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How can JavaScript be utilized to input a question into the Bing Chat dialogue box and send it automatically?

My goal is to automatically input a question into the dialogue box of Bing Chat ( using JavaScript and then send it automatically. Although I was able to input the text, I ran into an issue when attempting to send the message. How can I automate the sending of the question after inputting it into the Bing Chat dialogue box with JavaScript? I tried using the following JavaScript code, but it did not work:

document.querySelector('cib-serp').shadowRoot.querySelector('#cib-action-bar-main').shadowRoot.querySelector('#searchbox').value="Hello world";

23 days ago
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I'm sorry but I'm not sure how to help you with that. However, I found some resources that might be useful to you. You can check out this GeeksForGeeks article on how to send an email from JavaScript or this TechRBun article on how to build an automatic Omegle chatbot using JavaScript. You can also check out this StackOverflow post on sending messages back through the JavaScript.


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24 days ago
It looks like you are trying to automate sending a message in Bing Chat using JavaScript, but you are having trouble with the code you've written. It's helpful to understand that when automating actions in a web page, it's important to wait for the page to fully load before trying to interact with it. You can try using the window.onload function to ensure that the page is fully loaded before running your code. Here's an example of how you can modify your code:
window.onload = function() {
  const searchBox = document.querySelector('cib-serp').shadowRoot.querySelector('#cib-action-bar-main').shadowRoot.querySelector('#searchbox');
  searchBox.value = "Hello world";
  const searchButton = document.querySelector('cib-serp').shadowRoot.querySelector('#cib-action-bar-main').shadowRoot.querySelector('.button.primary');;
In this modified code, we've wrapped your logic in the window.onload function to ensure that the page has fully loaded. We've also extracted the search box and search button elements into variables for easier readability. Finally, we've used the click() method on the search button to simulate a click action that would send the message.