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How do I resolve the error "ReferenceError: navigator is not defined"?

I am encountering an issue with my server code that handles audio and image file fetching. Previously, it worked properly, but now I am receiving an error message: navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ audio: true }).then(stream => { ^ ReferenceError: navigator is not defined Despite the fact that I haven't made any changes to the code, I'm unable to debug the error. The code is enclosed within
 tags in order to be compatible with its intended environment. I am unsure whether the error is due to the fact that the navigator is deprecated, as I did some research to find an explanation for the cause of the error.
15 days ago
Verified Answer
Yes, that's correct. The navigator object is only available in the browser environment and not in the server environment. Since you're trying to access it in server-side code, you're getting a ReferenceError stating that navigator is not defined. If you want to access navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia() method in the browser, you'll need to include this code in a script tag in an HTML document that runs in a browser. Here are some potential solutions: - If you're trying to access the getUserMedia() method in a Node.js environment, you'll need to use a library like node-webrtc to access media devices. - If you only need to access the getUserMedia() method in the browser, you can move this code to a client-side JavaScript file that's included in an HTML document and served to a client. - You could also conditionally include this code in your Node.js code based on what environment you're running in. For example, you could wrap the navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia() call inside an if block that checks if navigator is defined, like this:
if (typeof navigator !== 'undefined') {
    navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ audio: true }).then(stream => {
      // ...
This way, the code will only execute if it's run in a browser environment where navigator is defined.