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How do webauthn and screen lock work on the Opera browser?

I'm trying to use fingerprint authentication on Chrome, and it's working perfectly fine. However, I'm encountering an error when I try to do the same on Opera:

The device cannot meet the specified userVerification requirement unless it has a secured screen lock.
I've tried adding extensions like uvi and uvm, but I'm still experiencing the same error. I even tried using the following code:

authenticatorSelection: { authenticatorAttachment: "platform" }
extensions: { uvi: true, uvm: true }
Can someone please assist me with this issue? Your help will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

25 days ago
Verified Answer
The error message you are seeing is due to the fact that your device does not have a secured screen lock. This is a requirement for the specified userVerification. You can try setting up a screen lock on your device and then try again. If you are still experiencing the same error after setting up a screen lock, you can try the following steps: 1. Open Opera and type "opera://flags" in the address bar. 2. Search for "Web Authentication API" and enable it. 3. Restart Opera. This should fix the issue you are experiencing. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Here is a link to a Github page that discusses mitigating users' misconceptions about FIDO2 Biometric WebAuthn.


Mitigating Users' Misconceptions About FIDO2 Biometric WebAuthn - GithubSecurityException: getSerial: The user 10134 does not meet the ...BitLocker | Microsoft Learn
25 days ago
It seems that the error message you are receiving is related to the fact that the device is not secured with a screen lock. This can prevent certain userVerification requirements from being fulfilled. Regarding the extensions you have added, uvi and uvm refer to User Verification Indicator and User Verification Method, respectively. However, it's not clear how these extensions would help in your situation. It might be worth checking if the device you are testing on has a screen lock set up. Additionally, you could try adjusting the authenticatorAttachment property in your authenticatorSelection object to see if that resolves the issue. Overall, without more information it's difficult to provide a more specific answer.