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How to use .map in React.js?

One possible rephrased version of the paragraph could be: In my project, I have a CarsData.js file that contains information about different types of cars. The information is displayed in CardsCars.js using the map function to generate a CardCar component for each car object. However, I only need to display two cars instead of all four. How can I modify the code to show only those two cars?
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Verified Answer
To display only 2 info from CarsData.js, you can use the slice() method to select only the first two objects in the CarsData array before mapping over them. Here is an updated example of the CardsCars component with this change:
const CardsCars = () => {

  const card = CarsData.slice(0, 2).map(car => { // add .slice(0, 2) before .map()
    return <CardCar image={car.image} title={car.title} type={car.type}/>

  return (
      <div className='row'>

export default CardsCars
In this updated version, we have added the slice(0, 2) method before mapping over the CarsData array, which limits the array to only the first two objects. This will ensure that only two info are displayed in the resulting card array.