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I am unable to locate the error causing my Redux project to not render.

The question is regarding a Redux project that uses Redux-Thunk to interact with an API. However, the Header.js element is not being rendered as expected. The repository link is included since the codes cannot be posted here. Can someone assist in identifying the issue? The following is the paragraph with HTML tags added for formatting:
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Improve this question In my Redux project, I am utilizing Redux-Thunk to communicate with an API. Unfortunately, the Header.js element is not rendering as expected. I have included a link to the repository since I am unable to post the code here. Can someone provide assistance in identifying the issue?


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I'm sorry to hear that. I found a similar question on StackOverflow that might help you. It seems that the issue might be related to the way the Header.js component is being imported. The solution was to change the import statement from:
import Header from './Header';
import { Header } from './Header';
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.: My Redux project doesn't render and I don't know where the error is


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Unfortunately, I cannot access the code in the provided repository to diagnose the issue with the Header.js component not rendering as expected. However, a potential solution could be to check that the Header.js file is properly imported and exported in the project and that all necessary props are being passed to it from the parent component. Additionally, it may be worth checking for any errors or warnings in the console that could provide more insight into the issue.