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Is the client side not reflecting changes made to the CSS in Next.js?

I understand that your Next.js project is functioning correctly, but you're experiencing difficulty when making style changes. Despite attempting to clear your browser cache, hard reload, and restart your development server, the changes aren't being reflected. From what I gather, the import/export process is correct, and all styles are being applied correctly. However, the changes aren't being reflected. Perhaps there is another solution that needs to be explored.

3 hours ago
Verified Answer
This could be due to Next.js's built-in CSS module system caching your old styles. To force Next.js to reload your updated styles, you can try one of the following solutions: 1. Restart your build server: Stop your development server (ctrl + c in the terminal) and restart it using the npm run dev command. 2. Manually clear the Next.js cache: Next.js caches CSS module output on disk to improve performance. Sometimes, clearing the cache can fix issues with styles not updating. Navigate to the .next/cache/ directory in your project's root directory and delete all files and directories located within. 3. Add a version number to your CSS file name: Add a query parameter to your import statement that references a version number or a unique string. This way, Next.js will treat the file as a new version of the CSS file and reload it accordingly. Example:
import styles from '../styles/example.module.css?v=1';
4. Use hot module replacement (HMR): Enable HMR in Next.js by adding the following code to your next.config.js file:
module.exports = {
  // Enable HMR
  experimental: {
    reactRefresh: true,
HMR will allow the styles to be updated in real-time as you make changes. I hope one of these solutions helps fix the issue with your styles not updating in the Next.js project.