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What causes errors during compilation even when YARN finishes?

While compiling my assets, I encountered an error that reads "Unexpected token: punc (,) [main.js:30830,11][39m[22m." Here is the code block where the issue occurred:

Unexpected token: punc (,) [main.js:30830,11][39m[22m
[10:12:12] Finished 'scripts' after 1.03 min
[10:12:12] Starting 'templates'...
[10:12:12] Finished 'templates' after 534 ms
Finished 'default' after 1.17 min
My objective is to identify and prevent this error from occurring during compilation. Despite my attempts, I have been unable to find a solution for catching the error.

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Verified Answer
The error message you are seeing is a syntax error that occurs when the JavaScript parser encounters unexpected tokens in the code. The error message is telling you that there is an unexpected comma (,) at line 30830, column 11 of your code. This error can occur for a variety of reasons, such as missing or extra brackets, parentheses, or semicolons. To fix this error, you should check the line of code where the error occurred and make sure that all the syntax is correct. You can also try running your code through a linter or a syntax checker to identify any issues. Here are some resources that might help you troubleshoot this issue: - Stack Overflow post with similar issue - MDN Web Docs on JavaScript syntax errors I hope this helps!


SyntaxError: Unexpected token - JavaScript | MDN - Mozilla Developer"Unexpected token: punc ())" when building for productionjavascript - SyntaxError: Unexpected token: punc ()) - Stack Overflow
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It looks like you're facing a compilation error in your JavaScript code. To catch such errors, you can use a try-catch block in your code. Here's an example:
try {
  // your code that may throw an error
} catch (error) {
  console.log(error); // logs the error message to the console
  // optionally you can stop the compilation process here using 'throw error'
By wrapping your code inside a try block, you can catch any errors that may occur. If an error occurs, the control is transferred to the catch block where you can handle the error. In the catch block, you can log the error message to the console or stop the compilation process using 'throw error'.