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What causes the google chart columns to overlap?

To solve the problem of overlapping columns in the chart, we should make the column width narrower and not overlapping. Generally, column charts draw non-overlapping and narrower columns with many data rows in other cases. To ensure this, we can modify the "options" object variable by removing the "isStacked" property and adding "width" and "height" properties to make the chart smaller. Here's the modified code:

options = { "hAxis": { "title": "Nap", "format": "dd.MM.yyyy" }, "vAxis": { "title": "Darab" }, "chartArea": { "top": 20, "width": "60%", "height": "70%" }, "colorAxis": { "legend": { "position": "bottom" } } } ;
Now, the chart will not overlap and will be narrower. You can see the modified chart code below:

Lastly, refer to the fiddle below for easier access.

Here's a fiddle having modified chart:
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Thank you for sharing your code with me. It seems like you have already found a solution to the problem of overlapping columns in the chart. Narrowing the column width and removing the "isStacked" property from the "options" object variable is a good way to ensure that the chart is not overlapping and is narrower. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
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The columns are overlapping because the option isStacked is set to true. This means that the values of each column are stacked on top of each other, resulting in a single column with a height calculated as the sum of all values. To avoid this issue, simply set isStacked to false in the options object:
var options = {
    "isStacked": false,
    // other options
This will draw non-overlapping columns for each data row.