20 days ago

What is the correct way to substitute elements using the node-html-parser library?

I am attempting to substitute all links found within the body of the code with corresponding spans, as demonstrated below.

map((body) => {
      let dom = parse(body.toString());
      dom.querySelectorAll('a').forEach((link) => {
        dom.exchangeChild(link, parse(`<span>lalala</span>`));
      return dom;
Can anyone provide insight on why this method may not be functioning as intended?

19 days ago
Verified Answer
The exchangeChild() method is used to replace a child node of an element with another node. The method returns the replaced node. The reason why it may not be working as intended could be due to a number of reasons such as: - The element you are trying to replace does not exist. - The element you are trying to replace is not a child of the parent element. - The new node you are trying to insert is not a valid node type. - The new node you are trying to insert is already a child of the parent element. You can try using the replaceChild() method instead which replaces a child node with another node in the same position in the child list. Here's an example:
let dom = parse(body.toString());
dom.querySelectorAll('a').forEach((link) => {
  let span = parse(`<span>lalala</span>`);
  link.parentNode.replaceChild(span, link);
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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