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What is the method for populating JavaScript variables from an XML file?

The given text consists of an inquiry that is closed and requires further information to accept answers. The author is working on an automated process that employs JavaScript to populate InDesign templates via XML data. In order to execute the process accurately, the author has to extract crucial data points from the XML file and set a JS variable that will be used to direct the data to the appropriate location. To accomplish this, the author requires guidance, as they are new to JavaScript. The author has discovered a similar resource that caters to XSL rather than JS, and would appreciate further support.
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To extract data from an XML file in JavaScript, you can use the DOMParser API to create an XML document object from the file. Once you have the document object, you can traverse the XML document to extract the data you need. Here's an example of how you can extract the region and version data from the XML file you provided:
// Assume xmlDoc is the XML document object created from the XML file
var regionNode = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('region')[0];
var versionNode = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('version')[0];

// Extract text content from the nodes
var region = regionNode.textContent;
var version = versionNode.textContent;
In this example, we use the getElementsByTagName method to get the first occurrence of the region and version nodes. We then extract the text content of these nodes using the textContent property. Finally, we assign these values to the region and version variables respectively. You can then use these variables to select the appropriate InDesign template as you mentioned.