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What is the method for scrolling <ul><li></li></ul> to the bottom when a button is clicked?

Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to successfully auto scroll to the bottom of my ul li element created in JavaScript. The desired behavior is for the list to be scrolled to the bottom upon button click, but this is not currently happening. Please find below the relevant code snippet:

    var html ="";
      html+= "<li class='liRight'>"+data.msg+"</li> ";
      html+= "<li class='lileft'>"+data.msg+"</li> ";
    Scrollltobottom ();

   function Scrollltobottom ()
    console .log("scroll fiucvtiopjhn");
    messagelist.scrollTop = messagelist.scrollHeight;
To clarify, I require assistance in ensuring that the list auto scrolls to the bottom upon button click. Please let me know if you require any additional information.
6 hours ago
Verified Answer
It looks like the code you provided is missing some context, such as what io and messagelist variables refer to. However, assuming that messagelist is a
    element, the Scrollltobottom function should work fine to scroll to the bottom of the list. Here are a few things you can check to debug the issue: - Make sure that messagelist actually refers to the correct
      element. You can add a console log to check its value, for example: console.log(messagelist);. If it does not log anything, then messagelist is probably undefined or null. - Make sure that the Scrollltobottom function is actually being called when you click the button. You can add a console log to check this as well, for example: console.log("button clicked");. If the log does not appear when you click the button, then the issue might be with how you are attaching the click event listener. - Make sure that the
        element actually has enough content to scroll. If the list is very short (less than the height of the container), scrolling to the bottom will not do anything. You can test this by adding more test list items to the
          . - Make sure that there are no errors or exceptions being thrown in the code before or after the Scrollltobottom function call. If there are errors in the console, they might be blocking the function from executing.