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What is the method to invoke a function upon clicking the text that is generated by the script?

The question post states that the author has written code to loop through select boxes on a page and bind a ".hover" event to them for adjusting their width on mouse on/off. However, select boxes added via Ajax or DOM after the initial loop do not have the event bound. The author is considering using a jQuery plugin called "jQuery Live Query Plugin" but wants to know if there is another way to achieve this. The post is a community effort, and existing answers can be edited to improve it. No new answers or interactions are being accepted at the moment.
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One option to consider is using jQuery's event delegation through the .on() method. By attaching the event handler to a parent element that exists on page load, you can ensure that any new select boxes added to the page will also have the same event handling functionality. Here's an example:
$(document).on('mouseenter mouseleave', 'select', function() {
  // do twiddling with width here
In this example, we use document as the parent element to which the event handler is attached, and we specify mouseenter and mouseleave as the events to listen for. The second argument ('select') is a selector for the child element(s) to which the event handler should be applied. This approach eliminates the need for the jQuery Live Query Plugin and can help keep your code base smaller and more efficient.