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What is the process for resetting the browser's history stack by navigating to a new URL?

I have a scenario where I would like to reset the browser's history stack upon user login, so that it only contains /dashboard. Currently the stack looks like this:

I have attempted to accomplish this by using window.location.replace('/dashboard');, which replaces the current screen ('/login') with '/dashboard' and pushes it to the stack, resulting in:

However, this does not fully achieve my desired outcome of having the stack only contain /dashboard. I also attempted to use the useNavigate() hook, but encountered the same issue.

Finally, I tried using window.history.replace({}, undefined, '/dashboard');, which only replaces the URL and does not actually navigate to /dashboard.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can achieve my desired result of making /dashboard the initial screen after login, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

a month ago
Verified Answer
To reset the browser history stack after a user logs in, you can use the history.replaceState() method to replace the current history state with a new state that contains only the URL for the dashboard. Here's an example:
history.replaceState(null, '', '/dashboard');
This will replace the current history state with a new state that has no data and the URL set to /dashboard. When the user navigates back from the dashboard, they will be taken to the page they were on before they logged in, as that page is still in the history stack. Note that this will only work if you are using the HTML5 History API. If you are using an older version of HTML, you may need to use a different method to achieve the same result.