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What is the technique for accessing a variable from a file located in the public directory in node.js?

The given text includes a question that has already been answered. Additionally, it includes code that prompts the user to enter their username but doesn't work because it's not in the same file as the root folder. To solve this problem, the author attempted to export the username prompt as a module by modifying the code. However, this approach failed because it's not a module. Can you suggest an alternative solution to this problem?
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Verified Answer
You can export the prompt as a module by using the module.exports object. Here's an example:
// username.js
const prompt = require('prompt-sync')();

module.exports = {
  getUsername: function() {
    const username = prompt('Enter your username: ');
    return username;
Then you can import the module in another file and use it like this:
// main.js
const username = require('./username.js');

const user = username.getUsername();
This will prompt the user to enter their username and return it as a string. You can then use it in your code as needed. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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To make the Chat.js file a module, you need to add the type="module" attribute to it in the script tag in the HTML file where you reference it. For example:
<script type="module" src="./public/js/Chat.js"></script>
Then, you can use export to export the username variable from the Chat.js file as you have shown in your example. However, in your app.js file, you don't need to add the .js extension when importing the module:
import { username } from './public/js/Chat';
Now, you should be able to use the username variable in your app.js file.