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What is the way to reduce the length of text?

The given text from an API is too long, and it makes the textarea look unattractive. Is there a way to shorten it? Here is an example of how to use a Textarea component to display the data from the API. You can adjust the width, background color, and font size of the Textarea component as needed. To display an image alongside the text, you can use an HTML tag with the appropriate source and alt attributes, like so:

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Yes, there are several ways to shorten the text in a textarea component. One way is to use CSS to set the max-height property of the textarea and set the overflow-y property to scroll. This will create a scrollable textarea that will only show a certain number of lines of text. Another way is to use JavaScript to automatically resize the textarea based on the amount of text entered. You can find an example of how to do this on Stack Overflow. In your case, you can use the max-height property to limit the height of the textarea and add a scrollbar if necessary. Here's an example:
<Textarea w='400px' bg='gray.100' fontSize='13px' ref={SecretRef} maxH='100px'>{data.secretKey}</Textarea>
This will create a textarea with a maximum height of 100 pixels and add a scrollbar if necessary.


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You can use the slice method to shorten the text you are getting from the API. Here's an example:
<Textarea w='800px' bg='gray.100' fontSize='13px' ref={SecretRef}>
  {data.secretKey.slice(0, 100)}
In this example, we have used the slice method to only display the first 100 characters of the data.secretKey text. You can adjust the second parameter of the slice method to display more or fewer characters.